Why Ecuadorian Roses are the best in the World?

Why Ecuadorian Roses are the best in the World?

Ecuador is one of the world's top producers of roses prized by florists and gardeners around the world because of their unique qualities. Ecuadorian roses have a distinct fragrance, which is more powerful than other roses. The petals are thicker and more durable than other roses.  Ecuadorian roses are renowned around the world for their long lasting color and deep aroma, which never fades, and their stunning color palette, which ranges from deep red to soft pink to powdery white. 

Verona Roses handpicked and cut their ecuadorian roses when they are at their most beautiful stage. Only the most perfect and beautiful roses are selected. Each rose then undergoes a preservation process, allowing the flowers to maintain their natural, fresh cut appearance. This innovative, proprietary process uses non-toxic, hypoallergenic solutions to turn real roses into Verona Roses. 

Types of Roses Grown in Ecuador

The most popular types of roses grown in Ecuador are Grandiflora, multiflora, Damascena, and Hybrid Tea. Grandiflora roses have large flowers and grow to a height of about two meters. They require very little maintenance and should last around three weeks. Multiflora roses have small flowers that grow along a rose stem that can be cut off and replanted elsewhere to create new bushes. Damascena roses' petals have an elegant curve that makes them look like they have been pinched together with their stems curling downward. Hybrid tea roses produce big flowers on long stems and are perfect for gardeners who want to spend time maintaining their plantings.


Each rose has an elegant fragrance, vibrant color, and deep glow that can add something special to your event, whether it’s an anniversary or just another night with your significant other. Verona Roses is the perfect gift who want to make every special occasion even more memorable and spectacular than the last one was.




If you're looking for a way to show your love and appreciation, then let Verona Roses do the talking. Our roses come from the best places in Ecuador, where they have ideal conditions to grow. We grow them without pesticides or herbicides, so all of our flowers are 100% natural! This guarantees that these blooms will be as beautiful as possible. Along with being better for the environment, this means that we can offer some of the lowest prices around. 

When purchasing online, you can buy from one of the best stores which are Verona Roses. This company use preserved roses that last more than a year,  inside a luxury wooden box, maintaining their freshness, color and scent and a built-in HD screen that plays a loving personalized video.